About Your Examiner

Brad D. Kelly – L.P.I, Clinical Forensic Polygraph Examiner

President, Kelly Professional Investigations, Inc.

Mr. Kelly was born and raised in Bellefontaine, Ohio. He began his Law Enforcement career by attending Clark State College in Springfield, Ohio and obtaining an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. Mr. Kelly is now a 21 year veteran of the Law Enforcement Industry. He has worked for major county Sheriff’s Offices in the state of Ohio, positions ranging from Detective to Lieutenant. Even though Mr. Kelly is no longer with a Sheriff’s Office full time, he is still commissioned with several local Police Departments. Through out his years in the Law Enforcement Industry Mr. Kelly has more than 2400 hours of training and has received more than 50 certifications. He is certified by the state of Ohio as an Ohio Sexual Abuse Investigator, Crime Scene Technician, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE),Certified Peace Officer Training Instructor, Certified Firearms Instructor for Peace Officers, Certified Instructor for Private Security and Re-Qualifications Program, etc.

In 1998 Mr. Kelly founded Kelly Professional Investigations Inc. (KPI). Through KPI, Mr. Kelly maintains current training and updates his certifications annually. Mr. Kelly is a certified Clinical Forensic Polygraph Examiner; he received his Forensic Psychophysiology Certification from Sauk Valley College in Dixon, Illinois. Mr. Kelly has also completed his advance training in Sexual Abuse Testing & Terrorism Testing Techniques. Mr. Kelly is an Associate Member of the American Polygraph Association (APA) and updates his polygraph training annually as mandated by the APA.

Previous Experience

Sheriff’s Office Experience:

  • Supervisor of Investigation of Major Crimes, Homicides, Sex Crimes, Burglary and Narcotics, Sergeant of Patrol Division & Training, Firearms Training, Tactical Response Training, Lieutenant of Investigation Division.

Teaching Experience:

  • Adjunct Professor for Criminal Justice Program at Clark State College
  • Adjunct Professor for the Law Enforcement Academy at Clark State College
  • Instructor for Legal, Firearms, Investigations & Patrol Tactics at Logan County Sheriff’s Academy
  • Instructor for Patrol Tactics & Human Relations at Marion Technical School, OSU Branch
  • Instructor for the Law Enforcement Program at Central State University

Areas of Expertise:

  • Interviews & Interrogations
  • Insurance Fraud -Surveillance
  • Undercover Operations
  • Death Investigations
  • Sexual Abuse / Harassment
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Assets Searches
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Forensic Studies
  • Location of Missing Persons
  • Workers Comp
  • Domestic Relations
  • Witness/Defendant Statements
  • Polygraph Examinations
  • Sworn Affidavits


1997 Certificate of Private Security Firearms Training Program (24 Hours)

1996 Certificate of first Line Supervision (40 Hours) 1

1995 Certificate of Special Response Team Precision Rifle, Level II (80 Hours) 1

1994 Certificate of Side Handle Police Baton Training (12 Hours) 2

1994 Certificate of Human Diversity Training (8 Hours) 3

1993 Certificate of Tactical Field Movement of Special Police Operation in Rural

Environment (8 Hours) 4

1993 Certificate of Child Abuse Exploitation Investigative Mentor (32 Hours) 1

1992 Certificate of Distraction Devices (Flash Bangs) (8 Hours) 1

1992 Certificate of Human Diversity Training (8 Hours) 1

1992 Certificate of Forfeiture Sanctions in Drug Cases 1

1988 Certificate of Basic Pistol craft Techniques (32 Hours) 1

1988 Certificate of Instructor Training (40 Hours) 1

1988 Certificate of Commendation from Veterans of Foreign Wars

1988 Certificate of Use of Force Liability Seminar 1

1987 Certificate of Doppler Radar Operation – M.P.H. Industries, Inc.

1987 Certificate of Patrol Officer Tactical Awareness & Response (40 Hours) 1

1987 Certificate of Accident Investigation (8 Hours) 5

1987 Deputy of the Year – Logan County Sheriff’s Dept.

1986 Certificate of Domestic Violence (8 Hours) 5

1986 Certificate of Survival vs. Survival 6

1986 Certificate of Missing and Abused Children (6 Hours) 7

1985 Certificate of Refresher Course for Correction and Matron Officers 8

1985 Certificate of Leads Terminal Operation & Usage – Ohio Leads

1985 Certificate of Street Survival Seminar (16 Hours) 9

1985 Certificate of Courtroom Testimony (6 Hours) 7

1984 Certificate of Basic Law Enforcement Officer Training (307 Hours) 10

1991 Certificate of Police Special Response Team SRT ( 80 Hours) 1

1991 Certificate of Select-fire Tactical Weapons Instructor Course (32 Hours) 1

1991 Certificate of Criminal Investigation (120 Hours) 1

1990 Certificate of Advanced Investigative Techniques 11

1990 Certificate of International Homicide Investigation Seminar ( 40 Hours) 12

1990 Certificate of Crime Scene Technician (80 Hours) 1

1990 Certificate of Motor Vehicle Theft Investigations (8 Hours) 13

1989 Certificate of Interviews and Interrogation (24 Hours) 1

1989 Certificate of Ruger Armorer’s School (40 Hours) 1

1989 Certificate of Semi-Automatic Carbine and assault Rifle Program (24 Hours) 1

1989 Certificate of Beretta Armorer’s School (24 Hours) 1

1989 Certificate of Basic Pistol craft Techniques (Semi-Auto Pistol) (40 Hours) 1

1989 Certificate of Law Enforcement Ammunition Development (8 Hours) 1

1988 Certificate of Commendation from Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association

1988 Certificate of Shotgun Techniques (24 Hours) 1

1984 Certificate of Firearms Training Program (46 Hours) 7

1983 Certificate of Corrections Training (80 Hours) 1

2003 Certificate of Forensic Psychophysiology from Dept of Defense 14

2004 Certificate of Advance Training in Sexual Abuse Testing & Terrorism Testing 14

2004 Certificate of Advanced Polygraph Training (24 Hours)15

Training Institutions

  1. Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy 9. University of Cincinnati Police Department
  2. Delaware County Sheriff’s Office 10. State Department of Education
  3. U.S. Dept. of Justice 11. Police Officer’s Training School – Conrail Police Department
  4. U.S. Air Force 12. Hocking Technical College
  5. Ohio Hi-Point Joint Vocational School 13. Ohio Law Enforcement Training Center
  6. Nutshell Law Enforcement 14. Sauk Valley College
  7. Clark Technical College 15. Midwest Regional Polygraph, in conjunction with Indiana
  8. Logan County Sheriff’s Department State Police