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Security & Armored Companies

Private security/armored companies are risk managing companies by definition. These companies are under constant external and internal threat due to the nature of their job.

It is imperative to these companies to train and control their human factor as much as possible. Most of losses and robberies happen with internal help or information. A lack of discipline in employee selection and monitoring could damage company's reputation and business.

This is why security companies use polygraph examinations to scrutinize and detect employees with criminal history and intentions at a selection stage with pre-employment polygraph and guarantee the honorability of their service with the investigation of any loss or complaint with specific issue polygraph.

A specific issue polygraph should make part of a standard procedure of a private security company to deter and detect possible internal flaws and confirm the superior quality of their services.

Pre-Employment Polygraph

POLYGRAPH GUY´ Pre-Employment Polygraph is an in-depth look at the candidate in many aspects. This polygraph procedure will be designed by you, the employer and POLYGRAPH GUY can help. Some areas that can be explored may include the following:

  • Omitted Employers from resume
  • Correct dates of employment
  • If terminated from employment
  • Accurate academic credentials
  • Falsified certifications
  • Current and prior drug usage
  • Alcohol usage on and off the job
  • All acts of theft from previous employers and others
  • Abuse of sick days from an employer
  • Affiliations with any terrorist groups or organizations
  • Any other undetected crime or misconduct (kidnapping, extortion, fraud, robbery, rape, sale of illegal drugs, traffic violations, auto accidents and more)

The Pre-Employment Polygraph lasts between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours. Time is to be determined by the complexity of each case and all times mentioned are approximations.

Specific Issue Polygraph

POLYGRAPH GUY´ Specific Issue Polygraph is customized around employer´s needs as they arise. This polygraph program is to be implemented as a standard operating procedure for your company if any of the following occur:

  • Specific accident or injury
  • Specific theft
  • Specific act of vandalism or intentional destruction
  • Specific act or action is in question

The Specific Issue Polygraph lasts between 2 hours to 4 hours. Time is to be determined by the complexity of each case and all times mentioned are approximations.









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