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Private Investigators

We have made stars out of Private Investigators and POLYGRAPH GUY works very well with Private Investigation Companies!

Many times you, the Investigator, has an idea of what is going on in a complex investigation, but to gather photos or evidence will take too long or cost your client more than they are willing to spend. POLYGRAPH GUY can work ¨Transparently¨ with you to solve your client’s immediate needs discretely, quickly and in a cost effective manner.

In business and in life, uncertainties inherently exist. Some of those uncertainties we can cope with and rest peacefully. For all the other uncertainties, there is POLYGRAPH GUY. Our Specific Issue Polygraph WILL give you an answer!

Although anytime after an incident is suitable for testing, it is always better to get any important issue answered as soon as it happens before the matter spirals out of control.

An appointment can be set to perform testing at your location or we can provide a discrete testing location. Please contact us for more information.

Some areas that can be explored with the Specific Issue Polygraph are:

Whenever trust becomes an issue within a relationship it is important to tackle the problem before it escalates. POLYGRAPH GUY specializes in using the polygraph to verify truth or deception within personal relationships, allowing the couple the opportunity of moving on with their lives.

False Allegations/Confirmation of Innocence

During many years of use world wide, the Polygraph has proved thousands of individuals innocent of crimes they did not commit and lies they did not tell. POLYGRAPH GUY can help you by testing your honesty in the best way possible.

Drug Use
Among the first signs of substance abuse if lying to loved ones and people who care. If you suspect someone is utilizing drugs allow POLYGRAPH GUY to help you uncover the problem and get resolution and assistance.

Sexual Abuse
Following additional dedicated training, POLYGRAPH GUY examiners hold specific certification on the testing of sex offenders. Whether you are a victim, or have been accused of a sexual offense, we will provide you a reliable, honest and empathetic appraisal of the situation.

If you suspect someone of theft, whether in the home or at work we can help uncover the truth. Many times theft is a sign to a much larger problem. Likewise if you have been accused of theft we can provide an objective solution by testing your honesty or any other wrong doer’s truthfulness on this issue.

Fraud within an organization can be extremely costly. We can test an individual’s honesty on nearly any situation where trust is an issue. For example, consider the following: theft of merchandise or money, forged documents, missing computer information, transfer of information to competitors and misuse of company equipment.

Professional Misconduct

Today’s professional faces huge responsibility as well as liability. There are many cunning people which look to take advantage of a Professional/Client relationship and seek to do your business harm! If you want to clear your name from any Professional misconduct, do it with POLYGRAPH GUY, polygraph services.

Has your office paid a claim that you knew was fake? Did you believe there was nothing you could do? Did you feel fighting the claim would cost more than just paying it off?












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