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Job Applicants

Looking for a new job is tough. The job market is overloaded with applicants, especially for low wage jobs. Hundreds of people compete for the same position and the situation will probably worsen in the future.

Differentiate from competition is important and although extra curricula activities and all kind of courses can give an extra edge to someone’s resume it is important also to ease the human resource manager’s job.

That is why POLYGRAPH GUY has two great solutions for applicants to differentiate themselves from the competition and create trust in their resume on the company’s side

Resume Certification Polygraph

POLYGRAPH GUY´ Resume Certification Program is designed to certify the information you as a candidate provides on his or her resume is true, correct and complete. This polygraph procedure is a simplified version of the Pre-Employment Polygraph and tests over the following specific areas:

  • Employment History
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Other specific issues

The Resume Certification Polygraph lasts about 90 to 120 minutes. Time is to be determined by the complexity of each case and all times mentioned are approximations.

Sign up today for your resume certification Polygraph for $75 USD. (Price listed only applies for Central Ohio)

Pre-Employment Polygraph

POLYGRAPH GUY´ Pre-Employment Polygraph is an in-depth look at the candidate in many aspects. This polygraph procedure will be designed by you, the employer and POLYGRAPH GUY can help. Some areas that can be explored may include the following:

  • Omitted Employers from resume
  • Correct dates of employment
  • If terminated from employment
  • Accurate academic credentials
  • Falsified certifications
  • Current and prior drug usage
  • Alcohol usage on and off the job
  • All acts of theft from previous employers and others
  • Abuse of sick days from an employer
  • Affiliations with any terrorist groups or organizations
  • Any other undetected crime or misconduct (kidnapping, extortion, fraud, robbery, rape, sale of illegal drugs, traffic violations, auto accidents and more)

The Pre-Employment Polygraph lasts between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours. Time is to be determined by the complexity of each case and all times mentioned are approximations.
















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