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Human Resource Managers (EPPA regulated)

It is estimated that a high percentage of total revenues are lost annually as a result of employee fraud and abuse, costing our economy and local businesses millions of dollars each year. This includes asset misappropriations, corruption, employee theft and other fraudulent statements and acts.

Even more important is the fact that about 50 percent of all resumes that arrive at your door contain fraudulent information! Valuable information to employers are either falsified, omitted or withheld by potential candidates trying to get a job.

If an applicant’s tendency for dishonesty is there before the applicant is hired, there is a good indication that the same problems will arise should the person be hired. The best indicator of future performance is past performance. A Kinesic pre-employment interview can uncover these areas of dishonesty, and promote honesty among future applicants who have knowledge that the information they provide on their application paperwork is subject to verification through a professional interviewer specialized in detection of deception.

Kinesic pre-employment interview

The kinesic pre-employment interview program was designed to respond to the risk management needs of companies after the EPPA.

This interviewing technique is an in depth analysis of the verbal and non-verbal behavior of applicants to certain questions. This behavior analysis is performed by a professional interviewer specialized in detection of deception.

Many times, while interviewing an applicant for a position, human resources managers, test skills and compatibility of the job applicant for the position. However, most hr managers need other professionals to help them evaluate if the applicant’s character also matches the company’s code of ethics.

Some of the issues reviewed during the kinesic pre-employment interview are:

  • Omitted Employers from resume
  • Correct dates of employment
  • If terminated from employment
  • Accurate academic credentials
  • Falsified certifications
  • Current and prior drug usage
  • Alcohol usage on and off the job
  • All acts of theft from previous employers and others
  • Abuse of sick days from an employer
  • Affiliations with any terrorist groups or organizations
  • Any other undetected crime or misconduct (kidnapping, extortion, fraud, robbery, rape, sale of illegal drugs, traffic violations, auto accidents and more)

The kinesic pre-employment interview lasts between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours. Time is to be determined by the complexity of each case and all times mentioned are approximations.














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